our story

We are a team of young Guineans living in Canada. We have observed in recent years that a large part of the African diaspora living outside their respective countries would like to have a platform that puts them in direct contact with traders in their countries. The arrival of Covid-19 also coincides with the Ramadan period to reinforce this observation, because many people wanted to financially support their families living in their countries of origin. Despite technical innovations and the development of technology, the costs of transferring money to African countries remain very high. At a time when the economy is slowing down, we wanted to put at the service of our African community living abroad a platform that allows them to buy food products from their families living in Africa for a very competitive fee. Whether you are in Europe, America or Asia, make your food orders on SODANAN and receive your products in store in one click. SODANAN means in the Fulani dialect, buy for me. With SODANAN, we help our loved ones in Africa to eat well to live better.